Posted by: mlucero15 | September 11, 2011

Art Article

Posted – 9-8-11

Written by – Kelly Devine Thomas

I chose this article because it looked very intersting to me and the painting that is featured look very good.  This article is called Shaping de Kooning’s Legacy.  De Kooning was a artist in the 20th century and wa a very good one too.  He died when he was 92 in 1997 and was a painter.  His work was being honored at the Museum of Modern Art for the first time.  It is being honored by the museum reserving a whole entire floor just for his work.  All of his paintings would be stored up there for eveyone to look at.  The retrovation would show everyone de Kooning’s work from start to almost finish.  De Kooning’s life from 1905-1997 was seen as a hard but interesting one.  He was seen as unfit to handle his affairs about twenty two years ago.  His life had many problems including his wife leaving him and his alcholism.  Also he suffered from dementia which made his life even worse.  Although his life was very hard he still made extrodinary works which is still celebrated to this day.


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